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Installer Awards

Simple Process & Strong Impact

Continuous good performance pays off and the award is meant to honor the
installers’ commitment! We at EUPD Research are very proud to have many
installers as long-term partners and congratulate them on their success in
making a positive contribution to the energy transition by installing countless
solar systems.

An Award with High Radiance

Winners of the EUPD Research Installer Award will receive the prestigious award, along with complimentary marketing and promotional opportunities, highlighting their achievements and leadership in the industry. This recognition will help you stand out in a competitive market and show your commitment to the energy transition.

Provision of seal package made-up of different file formats for digital and print promotion
Provision of your digital certificate


As European households transition towards becoming self-sufficient in terms of producing their own electricity through solar photovoltaics, energy storage solutions and adoption of electric vehicles, installers will be a key interface between manufacturers and end-customers. Installers in Europe are already tasked with installing hundreds and thousands of solar, storage and other RE systems across the length and breadth of the countries they operate in and sometimes even across countries. Despite various challenges including supply chain constraints and pandemic restrictions, the installers across Europe have expanded their footprint and continue to aid Europe’s energy transition.

Over the last 22 years, EUPD Research has worked with thousands of installers across Europe to understand their requirements as well as preferences, and has published reports for the industry. EUPD Research’s reports are widely cited by companies, associations and government agencies globally.

In order to encourage and celebrate the achievements of PV installers across Europe, EUPD Research has launched the EUPD Research Installer Award.

The aim of the award is to highlight the most impacting installers on national level catering to the distributed solar and storage segment (esp. residential segment). Based on a multitude of key performance indicators including deployed solar and storage capacities across distributed segments incl. residential, commercial and industrial, number of systems installed, geographical coverage, execution strategy, overall growth rate of the company over the last years the EUPD Research Installer Award recognizes the downstream companies in the distributed generation segment.